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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SEO Safe?
Yes, we don’t experiment with clients — we treat every client site like our own mother’s site! We know what we are doing and regularly discuss search strategies with the world’s top SEO Experts. Our approach focuses on lasting results rather than quick, risky tricks.
What is White Hat SEO?
White hat is also known as organic SEO that follows search engines rules and best practices. Links are generated naturally instead of through the use of automated tools. Content is well-written and valuable to customers rather than junk that is plastered all over the internet.
What is Black Hat SEO?
It is completely opposite of white hat. It is the use of unethical techniques and tactics. Used for a quick return on your investment and if caught you can get penalized or de-indexed. Black hat does not follow standards and search engine guidelines. It typically uses loop-hole tricks that are quickly closed down.
Do I have to sign a contract?
NO, you do not have to sign a contract. We work on a month to month basis with a clearly established, reasonable end date. We don’t start you down the never-ending path of an open-ended SEO contract.While strategic SEO can take time we do not require a long term contract. We provide quick results based on identifying the easy targets and work to achieve the larger strategic results. However, if you want to stop paying at any time just let us know.

And, if we do not achieve the agreed-to results we will continue to work until we do. We don’t call this a guarantee, but instead it is our promise to provide the service you paid for.

How long it take to get to the first page of Google?
Usually, with the right keywords and depending on your competitors, you will begin to see results within 3 to 6 months. However, your competition is working just as hard for the first spot and Google changes ranking factors frequently. Our specialty is knowing how SEO currently works as well as understanding where SEO is going.

We will provide you with a target range where we expect to see results based on the data you provide in the application form.

Do you do your link building abroad?
Only when we are traveling abroad. Our strategies and techniques are done in house by our SEO specialist.
How much does it cost?
The standard answer is: It depends…

We do not cut corners or provide cheap, temporary services. We do provide a real return on investment. Our pricing is based on several factors including competition, average customer value, and your marketing budget. We work to fit the specific service to your strategic goals while working within the bounds of your current marketing budget. We only work with real businesses that want real digital marketing. We use the best tools and techniques to safely promote your website. If you want cheap and fast you should look for a Black Hat SEO and prepare to have your website ranking move fast — sometimes you’ll move up, but almost always back down or off the face of the search engine results.

Either way, we only work with quality businesses — See if you qualify to do business with us and let us explain what we can do.

Do you do web design?
Yes, of course! We can create a custom website design.

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