In a Commercial

In a Commercial

Ok, so it is my second time in a commercial — obviously I am a pro at this now. The first time I “starred” in a commercial I was in an action shot flipping a pizza way above my head! Now that I am older I just stand there. As you can see by the scene...

#Twesume search volume of 140

Does anyone else find it really ironic that Google keyword indicates twesume gets 140 global searches a month? I wonder if this trend will flop or if twitter users just don’t use Google to find things…. What do you think?

Twitter as a Resume

How do you look for a job on Twitter? Some folks and some recruiters are using twitter as a resume. In the Wall Street Journal, Vala Afshar, Enterasys’ chief marketing officer, says he’s convinced Twitter recruiting is the way to go and fairly certain he...